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GM Chevy SBC 350 Individual Throttle Body Stack EFI Crate Engine Motor Assembly

Part #: PCE284.1002
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Brand: Speedmaster / GM Performance
Part Number: PCE284.1002
Part Type: Crate Engines
Engine Assembly Style: Long block
Crate Engine Cylinder Head Material: Cast iron
Assembled: Yes
Engine Balance: Internal
Intake Manifold Included: Yes
Cylinder Heads Included: Yes
Carburetor Included: No
Throttle Body Included: Yes
Distributor Included: No
Oil Pan Included: Yes
Valve Covers Included: Yes
Timing Cover Included: Yes
Water Pump Included: No
Harmonic Balancer Included: No
Flexplate Included: No
Flywheel Included: No
Air Cleaner Included: No
Spark Plugs Included: No
Spark Plug Wires Included: No
Computer Included: No
Wiring Harness Included: No
Rear Main Seal Style: 2-piece
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Camshaft lift is .450 intake / .460 exhaust. Camshaft duration at 050 is 222 degrees intake and exhaust. Lobe centerline is 114 degrees.

Speedmaster™ crate engines have become a huge success all over the world. We deliver reliable horsepower, torque and drivability. We use only quality name brand parts that we trust giving our customers a superior product for their money.

This particular engine combination was developed for the street enthusiast looking for maximum streetable horsepower. We have taken the reliable GM Chevrolet Performance 350 c.i.d. 290 hp engine and added the latest technology Speedmaster Turnkey EFI Individual throttle body EFI system.

So welcome to the new era in fuel injection!

Introducing back-to-back SEMA award winning Turnkey EFI by Speedmaster.

Speedmaster™ EFI Systems have won 2010, 2011 & 2013 Sema Show Global Media Award.

The Speedmaster™ development team have been pushing the boundaries for years with a main objective "to improve the end user experience"; one of the many industry acknowledgements are the 5 in a row SEMA Show Global Media Awards for their research and development of their Pistons, Turnkey EFI system and Manifolds.

The TurnKey EFI Individual throttle body system has all the flash of classic Weber induction with all the function, performance and versatility of modern fuel injection.
This highly advanced system allows a broad camshaft selection and delivers performance that is capable of supporting up to 1000 hp.
Fuel and air is delivered through precision cast aluminum 50mm IDA style throttle bodies that allow for superior idle characteristics and astounding throttle response while improving emissions and economy through tight air/fuel ratio control.

  • The Speedmaster manifold has a lower vacuum plenum for the MAP sensor and any vacuum operated accessories
  • Speedmaster linkage set incorporates the throttle stops, idle controls, lever arms and joiner/balancer all in one. It also features a single screw adjustment for calibrating front to rear throttle shafts.
  • The bell crank has a fully indexable eccentric cable pulley that enables good slow speed drivability and still attain full throttle geometry.
Speedmaster throttle bodies have the following features:
  • CNC machined, Heat treated 6061 Cast aluminum.
  • Butterflies are measured for each bore & precision machined to a 0.0005" tolerance.
  • Butterflies are secured to centreless ground brass shafts with split screws to ensure reliability and service ability.
  • All are fitted with bearings rather than bushings to eliminate axial shaft movement.
  • Housing to shaft lip seals behind bearings for extra sealing under high vacuum.
  • Idle by pass air bleed screws for super smooth idle and to aid emissions tuning.
  • O’ring seals on lower mounting faces.
To complete this engine you will require additional items.
You may ask WHY didn't we included the following items?
Well these items add up and often customers have friends and family with the parts required saving you money in completing the engine.

EFI Injection Parts Required to Complete the System
  • EFI Computer (Complete with harness, recommend sensors and computer adaptors)
  • Distributor and Coil to suit the EFI Computer system
  • Fuel Injectors
  • EFI Fuel Pump
  • EFI Fuel Regulator

We have the following optional Turnkey EFI kit which compliments our crate motor.
The following is $1250 when purchased with the Turnkey EFI crate motor ONLY.
Note: Not sold outside of the engine package.

TK10050_ Turnkey EFI ECU
TK10010_ Turnkey EFI V1.1 Software Pack
TK10011_ Turnkey EFI V1.1 Instruction Manual
TK10052_ Turnkey EFI Comunication Cable (Db9)
TK10053_ Turnkey EFI USB / Serial Port Adapter
TK10061_ Turnkey EFI Coolant Temp Sensor
TK10065_ Turnkey EFI Throttle Position Sensor
TK10067_ Turnkey EFI Wideband O2 Sensor
TK10051_ V8 Wiring Harness For EFI (Includes Injector Harness)
PC800*K-AL Pro Billet Distributor Black Cap (LOCKED)
PC2041K_ Electronic Coil Black
TK10070-32 EFI Injectors 32lbs/ hr
PFD49-2813 450 lbs./ Hr. High Pressure EFI Fuel Pump
PFD66-2866K_ -6AN EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator Black

Optional Accessories

PFD66-2041_ Billet In Line Fuel Filter -6AN
PFD66-2042_ Billet In Line Fuel Filter -8AN
PFD66-2043_ Billet In Line Fuel Filter -10AN
PC082700_ 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
PFD100-**_ Braided Fuel Line -6 / -8 / -10
PFD912-08-06_ 1/2” To 3/8” NPT Reducer Bushing (For Coolant Temp Sensor)
PC20***_ High performance ignition plug wires
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Speedmaster™ Sema Show
Global Media Awards Winners

The new Speedmaster™ LS3 Turnkey EFI Throttle Body System has won two awards at the 2013 SEMA Show, this will make it our 4th year in a row and 5 awards in 4 years. We want to thank the Speedmaster™ development team which has been pushing the boundaries for years with a main objective "to improve the end user experience" and we would also like to thank our customers for their continuous support.

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